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  • Where are you located?
    Currently we do not have a store front. We are working hard to find and buy property. With all of your continued support, you are making this dream a reality!! We do delivery to Hillsborogh, Pasco, Pinalles and surrounding counties. Pick up is either at the farmers market that specific week or in Odessa, FL.
  • Do you ship macarons?
    YES! We are working hard on adding the feature to the website. In the meantime, please fill out our contact/inquire form stating that you'd like to ship macarons. There is a 1 dozen minimum and you can choose the assorted flavor box or 1 (one) flavor of your choosing.
  • How quickly will they arrive?
    Macarons are shipped 2-day priority mail through UPS. When order has been fulfilled you will receive your tracking number.
  • What other products do you ship?
    Currently, macarons are the only sweet that we ship. However, a variety of our cookie flavors are next to begin shipping!
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